SD2Steward Second Class (Naval Rating)
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We employed the Anabat SD2 to actively monitor bat occurrences, moving around the palm oases to maximize bat detections.
All Anabat detectors (Anabat II and SD2 units) were calibrated before the surveys using an ultrasonic sound emitter to ensure consistent detector sensitivity (Larson & Hayes 2000) and were set with a sensitivity setting near 7 for all units.
We concurrently sampled insects using a black-light trap and bat activity using an ANABAT SD2 detector at a single location for 30 nights between 30 August and 11 November 2013.
83 EF, indoor/outdoor SD2 CSTO 50 gal, 76 kBtu/h, 90% TE, power vent SD3 CTWH 17-199 kBtu/h, 0.
The combination of Ektron's eIntranet with SD2 is intended to break down the silos between departments and geographic locations and promote more effective knowledge sharing and collaboration in the enterprise.
With the confirmation of a major new gas find below the existing reservoir, BP in 2008 said there was enough gas to justify SD2 for a total gas output of 24 BCM/year by 2014.
We generate two graph datasets, D1kV4E2I5T20L20 and D1kV4E2I5T20L40, denoted as SD1 and SD2, respectively.
The electrofacies association permits to obtain depositional and deformational sequences according to the influence of tectonic events, being SDI, SD2, and SD3 deformational systems affected by those events.
Several of the school districts are significant with various signs (SD1, SD2, SD4, SD9, SD13-SD17, SD22, and SD23) relative to one omitted district (SD13).
SD2 How would you rate the IS department's ability to meet the information needs of your area of responsibility?
Comments: S-394 SD2 is a spherical wax powder with a narrow and fine particle size distribution of 4 to 5 micron mean value which more easily incorporates into inks and coatings with mild agitation compared to many micronized PE waxes.