SD5School District 5 (Kalispell, Montana; Southeast Kootenay, Canada)
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96 EF, indoor model SD5 ESTAR 50 gal, 40 kBtu/h, 0.
The new SD7, our second, went straight out with our first one on the BRITS and our SD5 is currently on tour with Limp Bizkit.
It is even smaller than its predecessor model, HDC-SD1, giving the SD5 superb portability.
Both the SD5 and SX5 feature Panasonic's new and improved image-stabilization system.
The SD5 and SX5 incorporate a new LCD that has 300,000 pixels and a wide 170-degree viewing angle both vertically and horizontally.
The SD5 and SX5 are compatible with Panasonic's EZ Sync(TM).