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SDASeventh-day Adventist (church)
SDASoap and Detergent Association
SDAStranka Demokratske Akcije (Bosnian: Party of Democratic Action; political party)
SDASex Discrimination Act (UK - Law)
SDASurvey Documentation and Analysis
SDASignore Degli Anelli
SDAStrand Displacement Amplification
SDASeigneur des Anneaux (French: Lord of the Rings)
SDASchweizerische Depeschenagentur (Swiss National News Agency)
SDAService Delivery Area
SDAScreen Design Aid
SDASélection Directe à l'Arrivée (French; telecommunications)
SDASumber Daya Alam (Indonesian: natural resources)
SDASurface Design Association
SDAShop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association (Australia)
SDAScuola Di Direzione Aziendale (Graduate Business School of Bocconi University, Milan, Italy)
SDASingapore Democratic Alliance
SDASpecific Dynamic Action
SDAState Drug Administration (China)
SDASan Dieguito Academy (Encinitas, CA)
SDAService Delivery Agreement (UK)
SDASmall Domestic Appliances
SDASpray Dryer Absorber
SDASociety of Design Administration
SDAStatic Data Authentication
SDASource Data Automation
SDAStudent Dietetic Association
SDASelf Decrypting Archive
SDASpecially Denatured Alcohol
SDASamba de Amigo (game)
SDASpatial Data Analysis
SDASelf-Directed IRA
SDASevere Disability Allowance (UK)
SDAStereo Dimensional Array (Polk Audio)
SDASpecial Duty Assignment
SDAScottish Development Agency
SDAState Designated Agency (India)
SDASoftware Development Asset
SDASomali Democratic Alliance (political party)
SDASystem Display Architecture
SDASaint Dominic Academy (Jersey City, New Jersey)
SDASolvent Deasphalting (feedstock)
SDASoftware Disk Array
SDAStealth Digital Analyzer
SDAStade des Alpes (French sports stadium)
SDAStranka Demokratske Akcije Hrvatske (Party of Democratic Action of Croatia)
SDAStandard Default Assumption
SDASingle Direct Attack
SDAScalable Disk Array
SDASystem Design Analysis
SDASaboraud Dextrose Agar (fungal media)
SDAStaff Duty Analysis (Civil Air Patrol)
SDASoftware Design Automation
SDASpectral Domain Analysis
SDASystem Design Alternative
SDASouthern Domestic Airspace
SDASteepest Descent Algorithm
SDASecurity Domain Authority
SDAStatic Dissipater Additive (fuels)
SDAShaolin-Do Association
SDAShift & Disturbance Allowance (obsolete)
SDASociety for Development Alternatives (India)
SDAScottish Dairy Association
SDASome Dumb Ass
SDASimple Direct Attack
SDASoftware Design Activity
SDAScottish Draughts Association
SDASenseless Desire to Acquire
SDASmall Departments and Agencies
SDASiemens Domestic Appliances
SDABaghdad-Saddam International Airport
SDASoin des Arbres (French: Care of Trees)
SDASocial Development Association
SDASpecific Dynamic Activity
SDASystem Design Architecture
SDAShanghai Drug Administration
SDASubsea Distribution Assembly
SDAStrategic Dialogues & Alliances
SDAShort Dipole Antenna
SDASingle Dermal Administration
SDAService Delivery Application (Sprint)
SDAStrategic Defense Architecture
SDASignal Diagnostic Agent
SDASingle Digit Adapter (telecommunications)
SDASerial Digital to Analogue
SDASolar Diffuser Assembly
SDASoledad Assassins (Unreal gaming clan)
SDAShaft Drive Axis (US NASA)
SDASignal Distribution Assembly
SDAShip's Destination Authority
SDAStructural Damage Assessor (insurance)
SDASociété des Agrégés (French: Society of Associates)
SDAStandish Development Association (Standish, Michigan)
SDASpark Discharge in Air (excitation used in optical emission spectrometry)
SDASpeed Disable Adjustment
SDASetoff Debt Act
SDASteam Driven Alternator
SDAStepper Dispatch Algorithm (scheduling rule)
SDASymbolic Device Address
SDAShip Design Agent
SDASellerie Décoration Aménagement (French: Upholstery Decoration Design; aircraft upholstery)
SDAService Desk Assistant (UK police)
SDASystem Dependability Analysis
SDABaghdad, Iraq-Saddam International Airport (Airport Code)
SDASmall Dead Animals (Canadian political blog)
SDASensitive Discussion Area (information security; Canada)
SDAStudent Design Award (various locations)
SDASimulation of Diffusional Association
SDASigma Delta Alpha (Latino fraternity)
SDAService Desk Analyst (computer technical support)
SDASerial Data Line
SDASystem Design Application (various organizations)
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The SDA Bocconi MBA also places among the top programs in the world as the best value for money.
d) the configuration of runtime environment SDA System (Infrastructure Employer) in the prosecution office, set out in Appendix 8 to the Terms of Reference,
SDA omega 3 soybean oil is a plant-based source of SDA, which naturally converts in the body to EPA omega 3--one of two main omega 3s that has been shown to promote heart health.
By accessing this authoritative SDA operator-owned orbital data, the system is able to provide SDA members with the most up-to-date SSA reports available for their assets.
The board also voted on the following slate of SDA officers for 2009: board chair--Frank Sherman, president and general manager, Surfactants, Akzo Nobel; board vice chair--Jane Hutterly, executive vice president, Worldwide Corporate and Environmental Affairs, S.
The SDA controller is built on open standards and supports a wide variety of PDPs, LCDs, CRTs and projectors with pre-installed drivers, and it integrates with a multivendor networking environment.
Simply defined, SDA refers to a research process, or a set of endeavors, that uses existing data to answer research questions (Kiecolt & Nathan, 1985).
The China SDA is the regulatory equivalent of the U.
He misrepresented to SDA that he had bought 325,000 shares at $3.
Kelso, Space Data Center Operations Manager for SDA.
Inspired by Italy's cultural heritage, SDA Bocconi School of Management shows its expertise in three highlights of Italian Excellence : arts, fashion and design and food and beverage.