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SDAPService Discovery Application Profile
SDAPSociaal-Democratische Arbeiders Partij (Dutch: social democratic workers party)
SDAPService Départemental de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine
SDAPSpecial Duty Assignment Pay
SDAPSozialdemokratische Arbeiterpartei Deutschlands (German: Social Democratic Workers Party of Germany)
SDAPShared Device Access Protocol
SDAPSoap and Detergent Association of the Philippines
SDAPStandard Document Application Profile
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During the 1920s, the SDAP carried out municipal reforms to aid the new urban industrial working class, instituting libraries, schools, and parks, lecture series, vast housing complexes, sports leagues, and free medical care.
The effects of spray dried animal plasma (SDAP) and autoclaved SDAP (auSDAP) on growth performance and serum insulin of 21-d-old piglets (1) Item Control SDAP auSDAP Initial BW (kg) 2.
He joined the Labour Party, the successor of SDAP, in which he was prominent and also among the opposition that did not agree with Labour support of military actions in Indonesia.
The finding indicates that SDAP can be useful for predicting previously unidentified cross-reactive epitopes, based on their similarity to known IgE epitopes.
The first signal for such a breakthrough was that in 1946, social democrats, progressive Protestants, and left-leaning liberals founded the Labor Party (PvdA) to be the successor of the SDAP.
For more information on SDAP, visit the NPC website www.
The 71 SDAP recommendations have been the basis on which food and health action in Scotland has been shaped over the last ten years.
The SDAP 90-225 cfm series drying systems provide closed loop drying with automatic, on demand conveying to the drying hopper and/or one or two machines.
Hopefully this will answer the reader's question about why career counselors get SDAP.
The implementation of the SDAP was marginally successful.
The delegates attending the first SDAP party congress in 1895 opted for an orthodox-Marxist programme.
Workers were engaged as much or more by the burgeoning mass and commercial culture as by the officially-sponsored SDAP culture.