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grain refining, modification, SDAS with melt fluxing and degassing.
Naturally, the permanent mold test bar results showed improvement over the sand mold test bar results due to faster solidification resulting in smaller SDAS.
said Cyndi Turner, Vice President and General Manager of the SDAS Training and Simulation Business Unit.
The SDAS can be used to determine the local solidification time at any point in a casting.
It can be seen that, for a given freezing rate, the copper-containing 319 alloy has a somewhat smaller SDAS than the 356 alloy.
The Air Force conducted a thorough, comprehensive procurement that resulted in our warfighters receiving the best technical solution to meet their demands," says Erik Smith, Vice President and General Manager of the SDAS Sensor Systems Business Unit.
Provides agile, orchestrated application service creation and automation capabilities through the dynamic programmability of SDAS via open REST-based APIs, allowing integration with third-party management and orchestration systems.
Grain size was measured by the Hilliard circular intercept method, and SDAS was quantified by the linear intercept method from micrographs of etched samples taken at a magnification of 100 times.
The radar system is being adapted for US operations by the Sensor Systems division of SDAS.
This hypothesis was to be tested in the simula- tion, and SDAS values obtained in the simulation were to be compared with actual values obtained in section five 3.
Squeeze casting also uses a steel mold and produces extremely small SDAS at the surface ([less than]15m).
As a combined entity, SDAS will have a greater ability to respond to changing market conditions in the United States and in the global defense market making it possible to grow jobs and expertise in the US.