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SDATSenile Dementia of the Alzheimer Type (disease)
SDATState Department of Assessments and Taxation (MD, USA)
SDATState Department of Assessments and Taxation
SDATSous-Direction Anti-Terroriste (French: Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate; France)
SDATSector Design Analysis Tool
SDATSafe Drive Away Time
SDATSports Development Authority of Tamilnadu (India)
SDATSuper Digital Audio Technology (SDAT Group Inc.)
SDATStress of Discharge Assessment Tool
SDATSan Diego Actors Theatre
SDATSheffield Drug Action Team
SDATSystem Dependability Assessment Tool
SDATScience Data Analysis Tool
SDATSociété Dijonnaise d'Aménagement & de Terrassement
SDATSchweizerischer Dachverbandes der Aquarien- und Terrarienvereine
SDATState Damage Assessment Team (FEMA)
SDATSymbolic Device Allocation Table
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The SDAT program brought together a team of multidisciplinary experts to focus on economic development, land use and open space, transportation and the creation of a town center and identity.
SDAT has also developed an air-introduction system* and a sprinkler system to substantially increase the efficiency of melting frost and ice that adhere to the evaporator.
3)Les donnees concernant la Martinique, la Guadeloupe et Antigua and Barbuda ont ete ajoutees par Paul Rosele Chim d'apres SDAT / Ifremer / Ministere de la peche Antigua.
Depuis le lancement de cette operation en 2011, 21 SDAT seulement ont ete acheves et 15 plans d'amenagement touristique approuves par les wilayas sur l'ensemble du programme.
As the Pioneer in Safe-Drive-Away-Time (SDAT) modeling, and as proven through physical crash testing, Sika announces the introduction of two new AGR adhesive products; SikaTack MACH 30, a cold-applied product published with a 30 minute SDAT and SikaTack MACH 60, an improved one hour cold-applied SDAT product.