SDBGScottish Developmental Biology Group (UK)
SDBGSan Diego Base Guide (wedding planning; San Diego, CA)
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Murphy added, "With the IP necessary to exploit this invention squarely in the hands of my company, we will quickly be able to move SDBG into a proof of concept study in a target population investigating the effect of bone compatible cements in combination with a bone anabolic agent on new bone growth in vertebral body adjacent to a vertebra undergoing vertebroplasty.
With more than 7% royalties and 40% of any licensing or sales proceeds, Unigene will more than recoup what it has invested in the SDBG program to date and should ultimately secure a satisfactory return on its investment.
In divesting its SDBG patent portfolio, Unigene also terminated its License Option Agreement and Research Agreement (which expired May 31, 2010) with Yale University.
Several other patent applications covering the SDBG program are currently being reviewed by the U.
Although still in the early stages of development, SDBG may ultimately allow surgeons to stimulate rapid bone growth in patients with low bone density in areas such as the hip or spine.
The SDBG technology was developed by scientists at Unigene and Yale University Medical School.
SDBG could be used to replace more invasive surgical procedures, including spinal fusion and diskectomy.
SDBG may be useful in improving the healing process and clinical outcome.
incidence - 430,000), SDBG may be useful in preventing future hip fractures by specifically increasing bone mineral density at a hip deemed susceptible to future fracture.