SDBSSpectral Data Base System (organic compounds)
SDBSSodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate
SDBSSoftware and Database Systems
SDBSSan Diego Bluegrass Society
SDBSSoftware Defined Base Station (computer architecture)
SDBSStandard Base Distribution System
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9) The OECD SDBS database is available at: http://stats.
In the middle are a vast array of short-sleeved or long-sleeved, khaki and black, blue and olive combinations, summer-working this and winter-working that, with SDBS, the attractive doubled-breasted suits of the Navy, near the top of the working heap before it mutates into the strictly decorative outfits of mess dress, or choker whites.
La concentracion de surfactante remanente en solucion fue determinada por medidas de espectroscopia UV-Vis (a 223 nm, 364 nm y 276 nm, para el SDBS, CPB y TX100, respectivamente), basadas sobre una curvas de calibracion estandar (adsortividades molares de 12,830; 18,56 y 32,87 L [mol.
10% sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (SDBS) based on total monomer weight, except the smallest particle size, which contains 3% SDBS.
In the very first step, water and SDBS solution were introduced into the reactor, and the solution was stirred at 250 rpm.
Salma Halelfadl et al [16]:- This paper experimentally investigated the thermo -physical properties of water based nanofluids containing carbon nano tubes (CNT) and stabilized by SDBS as surfactant.
Nixon also has an extensive experience from the energy sector, having served in leading positions at SDBS, which was part of the global technology group Dresser Industries.
Ten milliliters of an aqueous suspension of 5mg TritonX-100, or CTABor SDBS were irradiated for 1hr with different amounts of MgPc.
USING BST AS INITIATOR: The aqueous phase consisted of SDBS (0.
Previous roles also include vice president, engineering, SDBS and developer with Motorola.
2]O; Fluka), and the surfactants: /3-naphthalene sulfonic acid ([beta]-NSA; Aldrich), SDBS (Fluka), SDS (Aldrich), were used as received.