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SDESub Divisional Engineer
SDEScreen Door Effect (display artifact)
SDESame Day Edit (videography)
SDESeller's Discretionary Earnings
SDESecure Data Exchange
SDEShallow Dose Equivalent
SDESenior Developmental Education (Military education)
SDEService de l'Emploi (French: Employment Service; Switzerland)
SDESource-Drain Extension
SDEState Department Education
SDESupplier Development Engineer
SDESustainable Development and Environmental Health
SDESchéma de Développement Economique
SDESubmission and Delivery Entity (ITU-T)
SDESupport Data Extension
SDESpecific Dynamic Effect
SDEService de l'Etudiant (French: Student Service)
SDEStatement on the Defence Estimates
SDESignal Display Editor
SDESoftware Demonstration Evaluation
SDEScope Definition Element
SDESimple Delay Equalization (Hekimian)
SDESimulated During Exercise
SDESusquehanna Diversified Engineering
SDESystem Development Environment
SDESOF (Special Operations Forces) Digital Environment
SDESecretaria de Estado (Portuguese: Secretary of State; various locations)
SDESenior District Executive
SDEShared Data Environment
SDESignal Distribution Equipment
SDESoftware Design Engineer
SDESoftware Development Engineer
SDESoftware Development Environment
SDESpatial Database Engine
SDEStandard Data Element
SDEStochastic Differential Equation
SDESustainable Development Education
SDEState Designated Entity
SDEService Development Environment
SDESpecial Digital Edition
SDESmall Diesel Engine
SDEStatistical Design of Experiments
SDESodium Reactor Experiment
SDESystem Design Engineering
SDEStandard Deviation of the Error
SDEService Delivery Environment (telecommunications)
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The system collected more than 12,000 values of five-minute average SDE data for a total duration of roughly 1,040 hours and applied more than 16,250 [m.
According to the leaders of SDE, consultations with the leaders of other parties have revealed that Nestor and Kallas alone have the chance to get elected in the Riigikogu.
4) SDE 37/ 2 487, 4 bis, En Ep 9 aparece el plural mysteria, -37/ 2 536,66.
Given that SDE Land essentially takes on the credit risk of the obligor of the FPC, the ratings of the CP/MTN reflect the credit profile of the goverrnment, which RAM Ratings deems to have a superior credit standing, the rater added.
SDE OPPORTUNITIES IDE OPPORTUNITIES Air War College (mil/civ) Air Command and Staff College (mil/civ) National War College (mil) Army, Naval and Marine Command and Staff Colleges (mil) Industrial College of the Armed Air Force Internship (mil) Forces (mil/civ) Joint Advanced Warfighting School AF Legislative Fellowship (civ) (mil) Army, Naval and Marine War Foreign Command and Staff Colleges Colleges (mil) (mil) Foreign Defense Colleges (mil) Advanced Academic Degree (civ) Fellowships (mil/civ) Executive Leadership Development (civ) For more information on these program and a full listing of IDE/SDE opportunities visit the AFPC website at http://ask.
SDE agreed in August to buy Coors' UK pub dispensing equipment and provide maintenance in the UK for the US brewer, whose UK operation is based in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire.
Using SQL Server for database management and Microsoft's OLE DB technology to integrate GIS information and relational data, SDE offers users a powerful system for high-speed spatial data management.
For nearly 25 years, SDE has served the professional development needs of districts, schools, and educators from across the country and around the world, providing teachers an opportunity to learn the best techniques from teachers and contemporary thought leaders in K-12 education.
Based on our evaluation, we believe that SDE will enable us to save a significant amount of time, perhaps as much as two weeks in the development of initial flat patterns.
Reform Res publica Union want to freeze state jobless support, a proposal rejected by the SDE unless it was balanced by a freeze on planned cuts in severance pay.
Un certificat etabli par un medecin legiste a ete delivre et une plainte a ete introduite en justice, ajoute le document, faisant savoir la SDE de Batna s'est constituee partie civile dans cette affaire.