SDECEService de Documentation Extérieure et de Contre-Espionage (French)
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De Vosjoli had returned to France for discussions concerning Golitsyn's reports of KGB moles having infiltrated both SDECE and senior levels of the French government.
He had spent his time improving relations between the CIA and SDECE.
In making his decision, de Vosjoli was not aware that his superiors thought his loyalty to SDECE was second to his loyalty to the CIA, and his refusal to carry out scientific intelligence activities against the United States resulted in his downfall.
But his assumption that it would have an adverse effect on relations between the CIA and SDECE proved correct.
After this attempt in 1963, SDECE abandoned for a while any organized effort to collect scientific or technical intelligence in the United States or other industrial countries.
The modern French intelligence service had been organized in December 1945 as the SDECE.