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SDETSoftware Design Engineer in Test
SDETSan Diego Earth Times (San Diego, CA)
SDETSoftware Development Environment Throughput (performance benchmark)
SDETSerial Dilution End Point Titration
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Ahora bien, de la misma manera que el complemento de SNom puede ser un dominio prolifico de cualquier extension (SC, ST o Sv), es de suponer que otro tanto ocurra con la categoria resultante, esto es, que pueda ser SDet, SQ o SN.
The results indicate that the extra disk I/O required for write-ahead logging degrades end-to-end performance by 4-19% for the Sdet and Postmark benchmarks.
Noting that Sdet Ustaosmanoy-lu -- nephew of Mustafa Ustaosmanoy-lu, who is the leader of the ysmailay-a religious community -- is also a columnist in the news portal, the T24 news portal reported: "Furkan Haber said Kylyc used to be the Ankara representative of the of the GE[micro]lge [Shadow] magazine published by members of the yBDA-C.
Entonces, la representacion en ese nivel del SDet de (11a) seria (11b):