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SDLSAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) Delay Line
SDLSecurity Development Lifecycle
SDLSturm der Liebe (German: Storm of Love)
SDLSimple DirectMedia Layer
SDLSkills Development Levy (tax; South Africa)
SDLStudio Daniel Libeskind (architecture firm; various locations)
SDLSchool of Distance Learning (various organizations)
SDLSelf Directed Learning
SDLShielded Data Link
SDLSimple Data Link
SDLSolution Deliverables List
SDLSpecification and Description Language
SDLScheduling Description Language
SDLSystem Directory List
SDLSimple Directmedia Library
SDLSound Library
SDLService Definition Language
SDLSlidell (Amtrak station code; Slidell, LA)
SDLSpecification and Description Language (CCITT)
SDLSoftware Development Lifecycle
SDLSpace Dynamics Laboratory
SDLSustainable Development Law
SDLSchematic Driven Layout
SDLService Description Language
SDLSchool District Leadership (New York)
SDLSoftware Development Library
SDLSystem Description Language
SDLStructural Dynamics Laboratory (US NASA)
SDLStatewide Database Licensing (Washington State Library)
SDLSystems Development Laboratory (JPL)
SDLSpecification and Design Language
SDLSystem Design Language
SDLSogosogo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua (United Fiji Party, Fiji)
SDLStorage Definition Language
SDLService Delivery Lead
SDLStatistical Disclosure Limitation
SDLSystem Design Laboratory
SDLSchool Download Library (OverDrive, Inc.)
SDLSoftware Development Laboratory
SDLSuperimposed Dead Load
SDLSerial Data Link
SDLSundsvall, Sweden - Sundsvall (Airport Code)
SDLSearch Digital Libraries
SDLSecure Domain Logon
SDLStructure Description Language
SDLStrana Demokratické Levice (Czech Republic)
SDLSupported Distance Learning (various locations)
SDLSymbian Developer Library (computing)
SDLSignaling Data Link
SDLSociolinguistique et Dynamique des Langues (French: Sociolinguistics and Dynamic Languages)
SDLStandard Distribution List
SDLSatellite Data Link
SDLSoft Defect Localization (scanning laser microscopy methodology)
SDLSoftware Development Lohninger
SDLSurface Data Logging
SDLState Designated Level
SDLSample Detection Limit
SDLStructured Design Language
SDLScouts du Liban (Lebanon)
SDLStammdienststelle der Luftwaffe (German)
SDLSensor Data Link
SDLSynchronous Delay Line
SDLSwitched Delay Line (fiber optics)
SDLScreen Definition Language
SDLSupplementary Defect List
SDLShared Distribution List
SDLSolution Demonstration Laboratory
SDLSpace Disturbances Laboratory
SDLScottsdale, Arizona - Municipal (airport code)
SDLSmart Data Loopback (Hekimian)
SDLSupplier Document List
SDLSubcontractor Data List
SDLStandard Direct Layer (low level computer graphics)
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If gross and net SDL issuances rise sharply in Q4 FY2018, as envisaged by ICRA, the spread between the SDL and G-sec may widen to above 85 bps from around 60 - 65 bps at present," he added.
Airline companies from across Europe, Asia and the US have recently signed agreements for a variety of content management products and translation services from SDL.
As part of the transaction, SDL has agreed to subscribe for a USD 1m unsecured 2027 loan note issued by SDIL.
In addition, a number of SDL employees have provided creative support to the design of MLF's marketing materials and will provide their technical expertise in web engineering for MLF's new website.
com) is in the final stages of migrating seven websites onto Omron's new SDL Web platform in the cloud.
Content Bloom is currently in the final stages of migrating seven websites onto OMRON's new SDL Web platform in the cloud.
Cupid Media relies on SDL to translate each user's unique personal profile and facilitate real-time messaging between users across various languages and dialects.
Ease of use with new common SDL User Interfaces (UI) Both SDL WorldServer and SDL TMS adopt common SDL UI for instant familiarity across the entire translation ecosystem and improved user performance.
Its integration with SDL Translation Management Systems provides the ultimate productivity tool for all translation projects created through these systems.
The Census Bureau does not release detailed information on the specific SDL methods and parameters used in the decennial census and ACS public-use data releases, which include data swapping, coarsening, noise infusion, and synthetic data.
The KantanMT Community can connect and configure their KantanMT engine through their SDL Trados Studio account by entering; their KantanMT account name, token and profile.