SDLASouth Dakota Library Association
SDLASynchronous Data Link Adapters
SDLASuccessive Detection Logarithmic Amplifier
SDLASelf Directed Learning Aptitude
SDLASantos de Los Angeles (band)
SDLASignaling Data Link Allocation
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The SDLA and 30-GHz probing system, he said, serve serial bus applications at 6 GHz and above.
Tektronix (Tek) offers the SDLA Toolset that, according to the company's Chris Loberg, senior technical marketing manager, "applies equalization and de-embed/embed effects to the measured signal to assist in the evaluation of closed eyes.
2]C and SPI bus analysis, DPOJET for jitter and eye diagram analysis, DDRA for DDR memory bus verification, SDLA for EQ/channel emulation and analysis, and SignalVu for frequency-domain display and analysis.