SDLBSekolah Dasar Luar Biasa (Indonesian: Extraordinary Elementary School)
SDLBSynchronous Diffusive Load Balancing (chemical engineering)
SDLBSimultaneous Dichotic Loudness Balance Technique (acoustics)
SDLBSenile Dementia of Lewy-Body Type
SDLBSimultaneous Dichotic Loudness Balancing
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We use twenty-four sets of actual infrared images to compare the performance of proposed metrics IDGB and SDLB with the traditional metrics, and each set is consisted of 3 to 5 images which have different backgrounds but the same target.
The proposed metrics IDGB and SDLB show that the image with the best quality is Fig.
In order to compare the performances of the proposed metrics IDGB and SDLB with the traditional metrics when evaluating the infrared images which have the same background but different targets, we add targets T1, T2 and T3, and synthesis three images shown in Fig.