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SDLCSoftware Development Life Cycle
SDLCSNA (System Network Architecture) Data Link Control
SDLCSystem Development Life Cycle
SDLCSynchronous Data Link Control
SDLCSynchronous Data Link Controller
SDLCSystem Design Life Cycle
SDLCSchool District of Lee County (Lee County, Florida)
SDLCSynchronous Data Link Communication
SDLCSolutions Development Life-Cycle
SDLCSoftware Description Language C
SDLCSystem Did Lose Control
SDLCSecurity Development Lifecycle (various companies)
SDLCStudent Diversity Leadership Conference (annual)
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In the recent past, more significantly in the last couple of years with the advent of agile and DevOps practises, many of the rigid lines between the SDLC phases have been blurring, with many discrete QA functions starting to merge within the lifecycle phases themselves.
During the initial stages of the project rework magnitude and the cost associated with fixing bugs was found comparatively low and manageable as compared to fixing software bugs found during the final stages of SDLC.
Because of this, it is often helpful to borrow different elements from multiple SDLC methodologies to solve how your approach will run.
Commenting on today's announcement, Steve Smith, Managing Director at Pentura, said: "Although applications are used on a day-to-day basis many organisations are distracted by commercial pressures to deliver feature rich applications, and security, although a necessity, often is not built into the SDLC early enough.
The company will work with SENTEL Corporation, which provides software development support and maintenance to the IRS's Report Generation Software (RGS) system, to support the SDLC in Dallas, Texas, in the US.
Our solutions leverage this research to deliver quality as a continuous process throughout the SDLC.
Native integration of security testing capabilities into the SDLC environment will increase the likelihood of acceptance by the development organization.
Parasoft's solutions (including solutions for SOA Quality, Application Security, Application Development Quality, and Outsourcing and Distributed Development) leverage this research to deliver quality as a continuous process throughout the SDLC.
It is also important that they support more integrated testing capabilities across multiple phases of the more holistic SDLC.
Today, Watchfire introduces Fanatical Success, a powerful new approach to solving this security problem through the combination of technology, training and services geared specifically to the unique needs of key SDLC stakeholders - security, QA and development.
A program that incorporates user training, testing tools tailored to the unique needs of specific SDLC stakeholders - security, QA, and development, and ongoing services and support.
Our clients told us that a shortcoming of many SDLC tools is the ability to analyze lots of data and make decisions that can change the outcome of software releases.