SDLMStandard Depot Level Maintenance
SDLMScheduled Depot Level Maintenance
SDLMSerial Data Link Module
SDLMSoftware Design Level Model
SDLMSoftware Development Lifecycle Methodology
SDLMSpray-Dried Lipid-Based Microparticles
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Although EnergyPlus provides a simple duct leakage model (SDLM) for modeling the air leakage from the supply ducts to the return plenum in a VAV system, the SDLM model is not available when the air terminal type is a fan-powered air terminal.
My team and I were preparing good, old Hawkeye 602--one of the many workhorses of the E-2 community--for a trip to SDLM.
We went to Lockheed to pick up an aircraft that had been undergoing SDLM work.