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SDLPStandard Deviation of Lateral Position (driving test)
SDLPSocial Democrat and Labour Party (Northern Ireland)
SDLPStandard Device Level Protocol
SDLPSouth Dakota Libertarian Party
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SDLP invests in senior secured loans to middle market companies, including stretch senior and unitranche loans, and has a hold size of up to USD 300 million.
Mr Durkan said the loss "hurt" and apologised to former SDLP leader John Hume, the constituency's MP from 1983 to 2005.
Asked if he would support Labour having a deal with the SDLP post-May 7, Mr Jones said: "The SDLP are our sister party in Northern Ireland.
Most accounts of the SDLP are written as comparative history (often contrasting the SDLP and Sinn Fein) or approach the subject in the form of autobiographies or biographies of leading party figures.
Meanwhile in a no holds barred attack on Sinn Fein's refusal to accept the IRA was responsible for the bank robbery, Mr Durkan told the SDLP conference in Derry: "The reason we are in this crisis is because the Provisional movement has let down everybody who made leaps of faith in this process.
I am appalled at the suggestion that the SDLP has adopted a position on policing as a result of electoral considerations,' said Mr Hume.
The SDLP is the first program of its kind to recognize the economic importance of sustainable resource management and will help to develop a new breed of forestry leaders in China.
The SDLP is calling the battle for the seat a "two-horse race", dismissing Sinn Fein claims the SDLP vote has halved in the constituency since 2005.
At the party conference yesterday the South Belfast MP insisted the SDLP will stand candidates in all 18 constituencies as it aims to defend its three Parliamentary seats.
One SDLP source claimed: "He basically told people that they hadn't done their homework and that they hadn't worked hard enough.
Nationalist SDLP Assembly member Patricia Lewsley welcomed comments from former Sinn Fein minister Bairbre de Brun that the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation could have a useful role in the current political deadlock.
The SDLP leader, an architect of the Ulster peace process, claimed he was resigning because of ill health.