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SDLTStamp Duty Land Tax (UK)
SDLTSuper Digital Linear Tape (Quantum Corporation)
SDLTStatic/Dynamic Load Technology
SDLTSerial Data Link Translator
SDLTSequential Double Lung Transplantation
SDLTStandard Dichotic Listening Test
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New rules were introduced to impose an additional SDLT charge of 3% on second or subsequent residential properties purchased on or after April 1, 2016.
If you buy a second property that does not replace your main residence then you will have to pay the higher rate of SDLT, even if you will be living in the new property and renting out your old home.
Adding online SDLT submission has been an important milestone in our roadmap.
This also means that the decision region of SDLT is determined by the LLR threshold and the SNR.
If there is no change in the legislation, then any sukuk issuance in the UK will be subject to the following potential three SDLT charges:
The disclosure rules are to be extended to SDLT and even more complex anti-avoidance rules are to be grafted on to this new tax which is not even 18 months old.
SDLT has been described in certain circles as the tax nobody told us about.
Pricing starts at USD5,999 for the SDLT 320 and USD8,499 for the LTO-2.
They're likely to be paying more SDLT than Stamp Duty.
Quantum Corp has said it is on schedule to ship the next variant of its SDLT tape technology to OEMs this summer, setting itself up to leapfrog the rival LTO Ultrium hardware sold by IBM Corp, Hewlett Packard Co and Seagate Technologies LLC.
Dementia was diagnosed according the NINCDS ADRDA [19], DSM-III-R [20], the Hachinski scale [21], criteria for SDLT [22] and the HAS AGECAT [15].
This book takes a practical approach, looking at SDLT as it applies to particular transactions and dealing with issues which the property lawyer is likely to face when advising a client, whether acting in a straightforward purchase of freehold land, or negotiating the structure of a complex commercial sale or acquisition.