SDMTSeven Dwarfs Mine Train (Walt Disney World attraction)
SDMTSynchronized Dmt
SDMTSymbol Digit Modalities Test (neurology)
SDMTService Delivery Model Technology
SDMTSan Diego Musical Theatre (San Diego, CA)
SDMTSeismic Dilatometer Marchetti Test (soil analysis)
SDMTSociété de Dialyse des Moteurs de Tahiti (French)
SDMTStrategic Deployment Management Team
SDMTSynchronized Discrete Monitor Timing
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The mean SDMT scores of primary school, secondary/high school, and university groups were statistically significantly different (p=0.
Mean scores from the tests excluding SDMT did not differ statistically significantly by patients' education levels in this study These results are not consistent with the relevant literature and this was attributed to the difference in the number of subjects in the two groups and absence of a control group (28).
SDMT and CVLT-2 scores), although those associations were attenuated and nonsignificant after controlling for covariates (i.
This is partially consistent with the current findings of an association between lean body mass and SDMT scores and associations between BMD (i.
SDMT prepares and manages the school budget using the financial resources to be provided, and informs the school community and parents accordingly;
SDMT prepares and implements the school development plan;
51) -- Tabla 2 Rendimiento en las pruebas de Atencion/Velocidad de Procesamiento (VP) y Funciones Ejecutivas Pacientes Controles Media (DT) Media (DT) ATENCION Y VP SDMT (escrito) 41.
Furthermore, wrote the authors, "the relation between disease-modifying treatments and cognition remains equivocal, and data [suggest] that patients with MS taking antidepressants are not more impaired on tests such as the SDMT.
5 SD below the mean on the PASAT or CVLT-II received the rest of the neuropsychological battery that included the COWAT [10], SDMT [11], an adapted version of the UFOV [12], and the Stroop [13].
The SDMT assesses information processing speed and visual tracking [11].