SDRTStamp Duty Reserve Tax (UK tax)
SDRTStanford Diagnostic Reading Test
SDRTSegmented Discourse Representation Theory
SDRTSamantha Dickson Research Trust
SDRTSomerset and Dorset Railway Trust (UK)
SDRTStructured Discourse Representation Theory
SDRTSoftware Development Risk Taxonomy
SDRTSingle-Dish Radio-Telescope
SDRTSecure Digital Radio Transfer
SDRTSmart Disaster Response Technologies (Irvine, California)
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This function is responsible for the expression of intra--and intersentential scope hierarchy [21] / information structure [23] / rhetorical structure [9], including the embedding of sentences, one after the other, in the currently given information state by means of rhetorical relations more or less in the way suggested in SDRT [9].
the exclusive marketing rights to SDRT proprietary brand Simply WOW(R) all purpose cleaner, Stain Pen(TM) a proprietary color safe highly effective portable stain remover, and its recently announced private label automotive marketing initiative, that includes a proprietary engine cleaner, wheel cleaner and Vinyl repair and protector to more than 5100 Ace Hardware Stores in the United States.
Like the Stanford 10, the SDRT and SDMT online tests use full color and interesting illustrations to capture children's attention.
With SDRT and SDMT online testing, students can say goodbye to number two pencils -- everything a student needs to take the test is built right into the software, including some familiar tools of the trade.
Quantity or scope: The operation involves: SDRT -inverser the premises with the meeting room: creation of 4 offices for SDRT on the 3rd floor; creating a 3rd floor meeting room; -inverser ESR with the local locker rooms: Creating an ESR ground floor of the police station: consolidation of all locker rooms (H and F) 1st floor.