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SDYSSan Diego Youth Symphony (San Diego, CA)
SDYSSimpson Dysmorphia Syndrome
SDYSSouthern Directions Youth Services (est. 1982; Australia)
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Also called as Bulldog Syndrome, DGSX Golabi- Rosen Syndrome, Dysplasia Gigantism Syndrome, X-Linked SDYS, SGB Syndrome, Simpson-Golabi- Behmel Syndrome Simpson dysmorphia syndrome types 1 and 2 are two forms of a rare, X-linked recessive, inherited disorder characterized by unusually large fetuses (prenatal overgrowth) and unusually large babies (postnatal overgrowth).
Under SDYS rules, youths like Ofodu are limited to a period of 18 months with the non-profit organization, which aims to stabilize the lives of homeless and in-crisis youth.
This is only the fourth time in 20 years that the SDYS has chosen to bestow the Conductor Award upon a worthy recipient.