SEABSingapore Examinations and Assessment Board (Singapore)
SEABSecretary of Energy Advisory Board (DOE)
SEABSociety for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior (est. 1957)
SEABSolent Energy and Biofuels (UK)
SEABSocieta Ecologica Area Biellese (Italian: Biella Area Ecological Company; Biella, Italy)
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Public response was assessed by review of presentations to the 13 June 2011 federal SEAB Natural Gas Subcommittee meeting held in Washington, Pennsylvania, the one public meeting of the subcommittee in the Marcellus Shale area.
The SEAB said, "Nonetheless, there remain significant barriers to the realization of fusion as a significant contributor to the world's energy supply.
The SEAB report states that "in light of the promise of fusion, the Task Force concludes that the funding is now subcritical," while PCAST remarks "there is a strong case for the funding levels for fusion.
FESAC members prepared the opportunities and requirements report using input from a sequence of three FESAC panels; a summer meeting of representatives from the entire fusion community; presentations on the entire fusion program made during visits to fusion sites; and results from SEAB and National Research Council panels.
De um total de 42 questionarios encaminhados a EMATER-PR, SEAB e IAP, apenas sete informaram saber da existencia do extrativismo.
Proper fusion program management requires a comprehensive planning system, SEAB concluded.
The SEAB report is available at Web site: http://fire.
A PDF file of the SEAB report is available from Richard Burrow, e-mail: richard.
Robert Conn, University of California, San Diego (UCSD), opened the Princeton meeting, the second meeting of the SEAB panel, with a briefing on energy forecasts for the 21st century.
He requested the SEAB task force to conduct a "thorough review of all the department's fusion energy technologies, both inertial and magnetic.