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SEARSelf-Esteem and Relationship Questionnaire (sexual dysfunction)
SEARSistema Educativo Autonómico Regional (Spanish: Regional Autonomous Education System; Nicaragua)
SEARSoutheast Asian Region
SEARSpecial Event Assessment Rating
SEARSafe, Effective & Affordable Review
SEARSafety Evaluation Audit Report
SEARSystem Engineering Analysis Report
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The only other shareholder with a bigger stake in Sears is Eddie Lampert, the retailer's chief executive officer, who owns 30,670,247 shares, or 28.
In a statement over the weekend, executives from Sears said they have invited their counterparts from Target Canada to discuss potential job openings for the workers.
Sears Holdings will continue its trading on Nasdaq under the SHLD symbol after the spin-off and expects to list Sears Hometown on Nasdaq under the SHOS symbol, it said.
The success of the 50-unit Sears Essentials-a hybrid of Sears' brands and Kmart's real estate-has been spotty, Lampert has conceded in recent public statements.
It shows the confidence we have in this market,'' said Lee Antonio, spokeswoman for Sears.
The presence of eros and thanatos in sentimental fiction as Sears understands it thus becomes clear enough; her reference to the muse of history, however, must be understood negatively--Clio's significance lies in her absence.
In addition to carrying a full line of Presario PC products, the retail giant will feature special Sears-only Presario configurations designed with the Sears customer in mind.
Not only is Sears honoring Jaynes for her contributions to women's basketball, but to signal her induction into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame this June.
None deserve the biggest blame for our bulging body parts, says Sears.
The 18-year company veteran says that Sears is seeking to establish long-term partnerships with minority vendors.