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SEAgelSafe Emulsion Agar Gel (LLNL)
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To make SEAgel packing, we have to harvest kelp where sea otters feed and fish breed.
287), SEAgel is 10 percent lighter than either air or aerogels.
And because SEAgel is biodegradable, it could prove a better packing material than plastic chips, he says.
West Marine's SeaGel Batteries are resistant to damage from repeated deep discharges and extended storage.
In fact, SeaGel batteries deliver 30 to 100 percent more energy over the course of their lives compared to other deep-cycle marine batteries.
West Marine's SeaGel and AGM sealed batteries offer boat owners the benefit of reliability over a long period of time.
Samples of the West Marine's SeaGel and AGM batteries are available upon request for editorial testing.