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SECASolid State Energy Conversion Alliance
SECASwiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association
SECASouthern Early Childhood Association
SECASulphur Emission Control Area
SECASociety for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; California)
SECASOx Emission Control Area
SECAStato Ecologico Dei Corsi d'Acqua (ecology, Italy)
SECASouth East Clown Association (North Carolina, USA)
SECASupport Equipment Controlling Authority
SECASelf-Employment Contributions Act of 1954
SECAState Employees Commuter Association (Albuquerque, NM)
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From January 1, 2015, all ships operating within the SECA have to use fuel with a sulphur content of 0.
We've made remarkable progress in the last three years especially as a small business, which we could not have done without the support of the DOE SECA program, said Gary Simon, CEO of Acumentrics.
A system using SECA technology has been in operation for over 2,800 hours, the organization confirmed last week.
It would be hard to argue, given the repeal of explicit language permitting a director to take these amounts into SECA early, that deferred income can be taken into account for SECA purposes before it is received.
SECA is run by France's Canal Plus and Germany's Bertelsmann.
In such a case, the worker would be responsible for the employee share of FICA taxes only (and not SECA taxes), but the business would have no FICA liability.
Started in 1977, SECA is the commonwealth's annual charitable giving campaign.
Therefore, such expenses can reduce SECA tax payable by that individual and should be taken into account when completing Schedule SE of Form 1040.
And because SECA is managed internally by the Office of Administration, we are able to keep administrative costs lower than those of many other charitable organizations.
In addition, because director fees are self-employment income rather than wages, the higher SECA tax rates (12.
SECA marries efforts by government, industry and the scientific community to develop and commercialize environmentally friendly solid oxide fuel cells in a variety of applications.
Acumentrics Corporation recently announced that the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy's Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance (SECA) has approved the company's advancement into its second budget period six months early, "while increasing the company's role to a fully funded industry partner under the SECA program.