SECACSpecial Education Citizens Advisory Committee
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For example, the exhibition for the SECAC Fellowship Sculpture Exhibition involved me creating a body of work dealing with hemispheres cast in bronze and utilizing my special process of cutting into bonded sand molds to create the forms.
Amy Broderick: We are here in conversation in your studio today to commemorate your having won the 2013 SECAC Artists Fellowship.
2011 SECAC Award for Outstanding Exhibition and Catalogue of Historical Materials University Art Galleries at the State University of New Mexico, Modern Design/Folk Art, Essay by Preston Thayer, New Mexico State University
But Pam, who I met ten years ago at my first SECAC conference, is not altogether unique among our members.
2012 SECAC Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement Jane Nodine, University of South Carolina Upstate
2013 SECAC Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement Virginia Derryberry, University of North Carolina Ashville
SR: You described your upbringing in Glenville, West Virginia as "unexpectedly apt training for a contemporary artist," in the paper that you presented for "Authenticity," a panel at SECAC 2007 (Charleston, West Virginia).
JH: Well, the new body of work that you proposed for SECAC exhibition, Les Enfants de la Terre, seems related--you said that you made art like that for a while, and it seems you may have come back to that or to think about that again.
JB: What a Doll, the piece you are going to do for SECAC, pulls up themes you have already talked about: child-like qualities and toys, though done in a larger scale than we might expect.
JD: Do you have ideas for your SECAC show this fall?
Editor's Note: This is part one of a longer study; the second part will appear in the next issue of the SECAC Review.
As the recipient of the 2007 SECAC Artist's Fellowship Award, he will be given a solo exhibition at the 2008 conference in New Orleans.