SECISoutheast European Cooperative Initiative
SECISocialization, Externalization, Combination, Internalization (knowledge creation model)
SECISouth Egypt Cancer Institute (Assiut, Egypt)
SECIStrengthening Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Innovation (UK and Macedonia)
SECISecure Electronic Commerce Infrastructure
SECISafety Environmental Control, Inc. (safety equipment and supplies; Marlborough, NH)
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Accordingly, the SECI emphasizes the dynamic of transforming the tacit/explicit interplay into novel products.
The SECI model has been highly respected and applied by researchers since its introduction (Gourlay, 2006) and is known as the one of the most influential models in the knowledge management literature (Choo and Bontis, 2002).
Future research may be concerned with a further analysis of methods in relation to the framework, and with the application of the SECI model at the macro level (organisational level) of research, (p.
Os modos de conversao SECI, considerados resultantes das interacoes sociais entre os consultores e seus colaboradores, constituem espacos apropriados para o encontro dos saberes teoricos com os saberes praticos nas experiencias cotidianas desenvolvidas entre consultores e colaboradores.
Using tools such as the SECI center we can get rid of national boundaries for the police.
While SECI has demonstrated some impressive successes, many limitations remain.
SECI members are Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, and Turkey.
They suggest four methods of knowledge conversion, otherwise known as the SECI process: Socialisation; Externalisation; Combination; and Internalisation.
The fact that Turkey is included in the SECI illustrates American concerns with the pivotal geopolitical position of this country as a continental link between Europe and the Middle East.
With a product portfolio of flue tube boilers up to a performance of 50 MW, SECI and Sodiet operate in the medium and large boiler market segment, which has major potential in France," it added.
The regional cooperation, within the framework of SEECP, CEI, SECI, RCC and other regional initiatives is one of the priorities in the attainment of the European standards on the way to the Euro-Atlantic structures.
With a view to design a comprehensive and consistent approach to the efficient management of migration flows, the Republic of Macedonia pays particular attention to international cooperation and participates in a number of international and regional organizations and initiatives, such as: The Southeast European Cooperation Process - SEECP, Informal Meeting of EU Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs, Regional Cooperation Council, Migration, Asylum and Refugees Regional Initiative - MARRI, SECI, European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the EU External Borders - FRONTEX, the Prague Process, GDISC, DCAF, the Budapest Process, etc.