SECTURSecretaría de Turismo (México)
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SECTUR attempted to put a positive spin on the decline in US visitors, pointing out that nearly 17% of the US citizens who traveled overseas went to Mexico, compared with 15% in 2010.
SECTUR also pointed out that the economic crisis in Europe has not deterred tourists from that continent from traveling to Mexico.
While SECTUR and the CPTM are expected to put special emphasis on the Mundo Maya campaign, the promotion efforts are part of a larger campaign to diversify tourism outreach overseas.
While some in the industry, including Torruco, thought that Rodolfo Elizondo performed reasonably well as tourism secretary, there was wide agreement that a change at the top of SECTUR would be beneficial.
The proposed SECTUR elimination brought an immediate outcry from the business community, particularly organizations involved in tourism-related activities.
The Mexico City daily newspaper Milenio Diario noted that the move jeopardizes the jobs of more than 7,600 employees of the SRA, SFP and SECTUR.
ACAPULCO) SECTUR Confirms Acapulco Growth Rate Up Sharply
SECTUR and the Secretaria del Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SECTUR) contend that the proposal would allow the federal government to set uniform land-use and environmental standards for beachfront areas.
According to SECTUR projections, the passport requirement could reduce the number of US citizens traveling to Mexico by as many as 318,000 in 2007.
Calderon also decided to group SECTUR in the economic cabinet, signaling his intention to place a high priority on the tourism sector (see SourceMex, 2006-11-29).
The UNWTO and SECTUR data were published before the US and some European governments issued travel warnings to their citizens to stay away from certain areas of Mexico because of political instability, particularly in the colonial city of Oaxaca.