SECVStandard Error of Cross Validation (statistics)
SECVSouthern Evangelical Church of Vietnam
SECVShane English Centre Vietnam (Tokyo, Japan)
SECVState Electrical Commission of Victoria (Australia)
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Performance of all material suppliers could be evaluated, compared and ranked according to the standard of SPIV, SECV or TECV in one project, or according to the standard of average SPIV, SECV or TECV of each supplier in multiple projects.
For example, the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai closely followed Government policy and registered all of the SECV "meeting points" in the province pending their future recognition.
The correlation coefficients and SECV for the numbers of factors retained are reported in Table 2.
Unlike the previous two subjects, the SECV for subject 3 was almost 50% lower [0.
The best estimate of the prediction capability of a NIRS calibration equation is the SECV calculated on independent samples.
Despite significant improvements in the Central Highlands, at least one third of SECV congregations in Dak Lak faced significant restrictions on operations.
The SECV has affiliated churches in all of the southern provinces of the country.
The SECV values (Table 1) were generally lower than the minimum measured concentrations for Mn, Zn, and Cu, which indicates the high quality of the regressions over the range of concentrations studied.
The study was to be undertaken by the SECV, based on the expertise and experience it has developed since the 1920s.