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SEDCState Education Data Center (Council of Chief State School Officers)
SEDCSpondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Congenita
SEDCSaratoga Economic Development Corporation
SEDCSouthern Economic Development Council, Inc.
SEDCSooting and Radiation Effects in Droplet Combustion
SEDCSittard Enterprise Development Center (Sittard, The Netherlands)
SEDCStudents of English at Drummondville College
SEDCSpecial Education Dissemination Center
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SEDC also heavily relies on government subsidies to finance its operations and debt servicing.
Yet in practice, regulatory barriers remain "severe," says the SEDC.
Finally, the SEDC says that the version of the energy efficiency directive (without Amendment 14) currently on the table at the Council could prevent European companies from generating between 3.
This is the first time SEDC has been used as a FISC in such a large capacity," said Jim Tuttle, Regional Logistics Manager at the SEDC.
Although the Council is still in the organizational stage, several anticipated benefits and intended goals of the SEDC effort have been identified.
We are excited and honored to be a part of SEDC,” said Ellen Didier, President of Red Sage Communications, Inc.
On estimate over 10% of the electric power infrastructure has been constructed in order to meet peaks in electricity demand that occur less than 1% of the time," noted Marko Svetina, CEO of the European Demand Response Research Center, one of the members of SEDC.
The SEDC statement indicated that India was risking huge economic interests by taking anti-Saudi trade measures.
The SEDC notes that European consumer-oriented and demand-centred smart grid programmes are lagging well behind other global markets.