SEDENASecretaría de La Defensa Nacional (México)
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SEDENA and the Secretara de Marina (SEMAR) immediately placed the blame for the attacks on Ivan Archivaldo Guzman Salazar and JesUs Alfredo Guzman Salazar, sons of drug kingpin Joaqun "El Chapo" Guzman Loera, who was rearrested in January (SourceMex, Jan.
MX), has received a permit for the use of explosives from the Mexican military body, SEDENA, (Secretary of National Defence).
We thank the SEDENA staff for its careful review of the technical and legal merits of MSX's permit application.
According to the SEDENA data, the highest number of thefts during the decade occurred in 2009, when 2,081 firearms were stolen.
The Court's rejection of the appeal by opponents of the project clears the way for SEDENA to issue an unrestricted permit to MSX, which will allow MSX to accelerate the construction of the CSP project.
At that time, SEDENA, the Comision Nacional de Seguridad (CNS), and the attorney general's office issued a brief statement suggesting that the act of torture was simply a case of "disobedience" of rules.
He said the weapons were shipped to a "centralized location" under the control of SEDENA, which is evidence that Heckler & Koch was in compliance with German law.
We thank SEDENA staff for its careful review of the technical and legal merits of MSX's application.
Even though we're talking about a retired general, the assassination of Acosta Chaparro was clearly a signal to the Mexican military and to the inner circle at SEDENA," columnist Ricardo Aleman wrote in Excelsior.
Some cases were accompanied by CNDH recommendations and a report on the actions taken by SEDENA.
However, SEDENA has requested, among other things, that issuance of the explosives permit is supported in writing by the current President of the Municipality of Cerro San Pedro.
SEDENA has also charged Quiros with several counts of attempted bribery.