SEDMSoutheast Europe Defense Ministerials
SEDMState-Based Energy Dissipation Model
SEDMState/EPA Data Management
SEDMSovereignty Education and Defense Ministry (religion)
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It could encourage broadening SEDM to include civil emergency planning and interior minister participation to create a new Southeast European Homeland Defense Ministerial.
NATO PFP has already assisted the SEDM, which counts Serbia and Montenegro and BiH as observers, through its support of individual defense establishments and SEEBRIG's deployment to Afghanistan.
A fertile area for EU-NATO cooperation would emerge if SEDM were broadened to include interior minister participation as SEEBRIG and CMEPCSEE begin to focus on regional emergency planning.
Assuming stability prevails, the EU and NATO need to build further upon SEDM, SEEBRIG, SECI, and CMEPCSEE successes to deal with the new West Balkan risk environment and prevent future conflict from emerging.
Expanding the SEEBRIG, SEDM, and CMEPCSEE to include Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina would be an important step in building West Balkan confidence and security.
We are all presented with the image of the Balkans as the powder keg of Europe," said Ovidiu Dranga, the civilian chairman of the SEDM coordinating committee.