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SEDOSell Domains
SEDOSearch Engine for Domain Offers
SEDOSustainable Energy Development Office (Australia)
SEDOSociedad Española de Ortodoncia (Spain)
SEDOSociedad Espanola de Optica (Spanish: Spanish Optics Society; est. 1968)
SEDOSmall Enterprise Development Organization (various locations)
SEDOSocio-Economic Development Organisation (various locations)
SEDOSouth Eastern Development Organization (Tanzania)
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Participants said they hoped to build on ideas articulated in the SEDOS 2001 seminar, and to begin to this year move from "dream to reality, vision in action.
SEDOS (Servizio di Documentazione e di Studi--Rome) is a forum open to Institutes of Consecrated Life, which commit themselves to deepening their understanding of global mission.
Known as SEDOS for its Italian name Servizio di Documentazione e Studi, the center in Rome was created in 1966 by seven mission societies and now is sponsored by seventy-two.