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SEDSStudents for the Exploration and Development of Space
SEDSState Energy Data System
SEDSSmall Expendable Deployer System
SEDSSystem Engineering Detailed Schedule
SEDSStandard Enhancement and Discrepancy System
SEDSSystem Effectiveness Data System
SEDSSC4 Enhancement and Discrepancy System
SEDSSensor Evolutionary Development Program (Defense Support Program satellite)
SEDSSolution Enhanced Dispersion of Supercritical Fluids
SEDSStatistical Exception Detection System
SEDSSociety for Educational Data Systems
SEDSSpace Electronics Design Standards
SEDSSystem Engineering Development Specification
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This study uses the 2007 to 2011 quarterly SEDS data on total enrollment (the unduplicated number of children ever enrolled during the fiscal quarter).
The winners will be announced at SpaceVision 2014, the SEDS national conference.
CSEC is a prime sponsor of this year's NewSpace Student Business Plan Competition, to be held in Tempe, Arizona at the SEDS SpaceVision 2013 national conference.
Students need not be members of SEDS but are encouraged to reach out to or start a local SEDS chapter at their institution.
SEDS members can subscribe to this essential information for only $9.
Contractor address : Centre PACA, Le Griffon, 563 route de la SEDS
Visitors will be able to see the latest and greatest of what SEDS and its chapters have been up to, including its annual High Power Rocketry Competition.
Contractor address : 201 route de la SEDS, Parc du Relais, batiment D