SEEASoutheast Energy Efficiency Alliance (Atlanta, GA)
SEEASystem of Environmental and Economic Accounting (UN)
SEEASerbian Energy Efficiency Agency (Novi Beograd, Serbia)
SEEASocio-Economic and Environmental Assessment (Canada)
SEEASoutheast Environmental Education Alliance (North American Association for Environmental Education)
SEEASoftware Engineering Environment Authority (various organizations)
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In that case M 'suffers a major conceptual weakness in that it assumes that a new set of prices or production changes can be introduced without consequences for the rest of the economy', as the SEEA report rightly states in paragraph 239 of Section 10.
He added that SEEA would improve the economic performance of firms and thus support the goals and aspirations of local and federal government towards promoting the UAE as a major investment destination and growth driver for the region.
The environmental accounts presented are consistent with the SEEA, but still cover only a small fraction of the full environmental accounts.
The SEEA provides operators of stationary engine installations with a recognized means of automatically monitoring and recording the exhaust emissions of their engines," Wilson said.
Kathleen Clark Kies, a lobbyist with Collier, Shannon, Rill & Scott, was hired jointly by Microsoft and Oracle, another big software exporter, for the SEEA effort.
The SEEA allows companies to exempt 15 percent of foreign sales from corporate income taxes.
In particular, the SNA recommends that the dis-aggregation of land be based on the SEEA.
Also present during the ceremonies were Ahmed Mohammed Al Midfa, Chairman, SCCI; Hussein Mohammed Al Mahmoudi, Director General, SCCI; Nada Al Hajri, SEEA General Coordinator, SCCI; members of the SCCI Board of trustees; SCCI partners, members of the SEEA evaluation committee; previous SEEA winners and various representatives from both the private and public sector.
Under the SEEA, however, additions are not included as income and do not appear in the production accounts as capital formation.
Based in Atlanta, and working in eleven states, SEEA brings together businesses, utilities, governments, public utility commissions, energy service companies, manufacturers, retailers, energy and environmental organizations, low-income energy advocates, large energy consumers, and universities to promote energy-efficient policies and practices.
The secretariat has decided to extend the registration date for the eighth edition of the Sharjah Economic Excellence Award to allow the nominees more time to prepare and also to be able to encourage more participation from the private sector," stated Nada Al Hajiri, SEEA general coordinator, SCCI.
Although BEA's proposal for the IEESA is broadly consistent with other international environmental accounting systems, it differs from the SEEA and other systems in some important respects (see Chapter 2).