SEEBRIGSouth East European Brigade
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The establishment of SEEBRIG made crucial contributions to defense and military cooperation in southeastern Europe, General Kivrikoglu noted.
The SEEBRIG headquarters in Istanbul has had an opportunity to realize all of its aims with the support of Turkey since 2007, General Kivrikoglu said.
SEEBRIG hosted three military exercises in four years and participated in nine military exercises during the same term, General Kivrikoglu said.
Also speaking at the ceremony, the Chairperson of South-Eastern Europe Defense Ministerial process Coordination Committee (SEDM-CC) and the Politico-Military Steering Committee (PMSC) Avgustina Tzvetkova said that the SEEBRIG headquarters in Istanbul had accomplished its mission since 2007.
Following the speeches, military personnel who have completed at least one year of service in the SEEBRIG have received Service Medals.
The ceremony in Istanbul was attended by deputy chiefs of general staffs of member countries, consul generals in Istanbul, former SEEBRIG officers, the Secretariat General of SEDM-CC/PMSC, and representatives of NATO and other international organizations.
A fertile area for EU-NATO cooperation would emerge if SEDM were broadened to include interior minister participation as SEEBRIG and CMEPCSEE begin to focus on regional emergency planning.
Assuming stability prevails, the EU and NATO need to build further upon SEDM, SEEBRIG, SECI, and CMEPCSEE successes to deal with the new West Balkan risk environment and prevent future conflict from emerging.
Expanding the SEEBRIG, SEDM, and CMEPCSEE to include Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Herzegovina would be an important step in building West Balkan confidence and security.
SEHDM should create a regional civil protection coordination center to harmonize training procedures, establish a regional training plan, and explore, with SEEBRIG (SEDRO) in Constanta, Romania, ways in which that organization might address issues of civil protection.
A permanent staff headquarters for SEEBRIG, with rotating chairmen and military commanders from each participating nation, was established in 1999.
He said that SEEBRIG seeks to combat the powder-keg image by deploying its troops for practical, collaborative projects.