SEEBRIGSouth East European Brigade
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The ceremony kicked off with the national anthems of SEEBRIG countries Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Romania and Turkey.
The establishment of SEEBRIG made crucial contributions to defense and military cooperation in southeastern Europe, General Kivrikoglu noted.
The SEEBRIG headquarters in Istanbul has had an opportunity to realize all of its aims with the support of Turkey since 2007, General Kivrikoglu said.
As SEEBRIG moves into emergency planning, SEDRO, although embryonic, provides a great opportunity for NATO-EU cooperation to promote security sector reforms among those partner-members with weak institutional capacities (for example, interior ministries).
A fertile area for EU-NATO cooperation would emerge if SEDM were broadened to include interior minister participation as SEEBRIG and CMEPCSEE begin to focus on regional emergency planning.
A permanent staff headquarters for SEEBRIG, with rotating chairmen and military commanders from each participating nation, was established in 1999.
He said that SEEBRIG seeks to combat the powder-keg image by deploying its troops for practical, collaborative projects.
19) Seebrig as an entity does not hold the presidential determination necessary to receive direct GPOI support, but GPOI provides support to SEEBRIG through direct assistance to Romania, which hosted the SEEBRIG headquarters.
SEDM and SEEBRIG are of vital importance for creating a common identity and bringing stability and sustainable peace to the region," he also said.
provided pre-deployment equipment to SEEBRIG, the seven-member
When talking with Serbian Minister of Defense Dragan Sutanovac, Angelov expressed satisfaction with Serbia's request to join the regional multilateral SEEBRIG brigade.
A Turkish brigadier general served as the first commander of SEEBRIG, which was created in September 1998.