SEEISchool of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (Indonesia)
SEEIShanghai Educational Evaluation Institute (Shanghai, China)
SEEISociedad Española de Enfermería e Internet
SEEIState Establishment for Electrical Industries (appliances manufacturer; Baghdad, Iraq)
SEEISouth Eastern European Initiative
SEEIState, Elaborate, Exemplify, Illustrate
SEEISupport Equipment End Item
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As for the tangible results of SEEI, they are as follows: the cooperation program in the security field signed with Croatia (2000) and based on PfP instruments; the special cooperation program in the field of security with Bosnia-Herzegovina; counselling and expertise in military retirees' outplacement as a result of the reforms undergone Bulgaria's and Romania's armed forces.
Finnish consulting and engineering group Poyry Plc said on Monday (14 January) that it has divested its French subsidiary Poyry Energy (Strasbourg) SAS (previously SEEI S.