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SEEPSocial, Environmental and Economic Performance (International Cotton Advisory Committee)
SEEPSmall Enterprise Education and Promotion
SEEPStudent Educational Employment Program
SEEPShelf Edge Exchange Processes
SEEPScientist and Engineer Exchange Program
SEEPSenior Environmental Employee Program (US EPA)
SEEPSecondary Emission Enhanced Photoinjector
SEEPSerial Electrically Erasable PROM (Programmable Read-Only Memory)
SEEPSecondary Education Enhancement Project
SEEPSkillbridge Employability Enhancement Program (India)
SEEPScience and Engineering Education Panel
SEEPSenior Executive Education Program
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The hot hydrothermal vents are a much more vigorous, variable and ephemeral environment than the cold hydrocarbon seeps," says Penn State biologist Charles Fisher.
A 639-bp portion of the COI gene from the SCB vestimentiferan was identical to that of an Escarpia spicata individual sampled from cold seeps (Transform Fault) in the Gulf of California (Table I).
If what we observed near Svalbard occurs more broadly at similar locations around the world, it could mean that methane seeps have a net cooling effect on climate, not a warming effect as we previously thought, said USGS biogeochemist John Pohlman, who is the papers lead author.
The potential cold seep and its community of marine life is just the sort of habitat we were hoping to pick up on these surveys.
At the same time, this natural oil seep is teaching us many extraordinary lessons about how oil behaves in our ecosystems.
In the words of Kyle Siesser, SUIT geologist, "The work has provided the first 'snapshot' of seep conditions along the entire Fruitland Outcrop in Colorado.
At these shallow depths, photosynthetic production is a significant source of nutrition for many organisms, including some seep predators/scavengers (MacAvoy et al.
For example, ocean tides influence the rate at which groundwater seeps upward through the seafloor.
has issued an estimate of total oil volume from ocean floor seep lines in the vicinity of its Frade Field.
Therefore Gatete welcomed the Banks continued support in skills and job creation through SEEP III and noted that the programme is focusing on high impact areas of skills and private sector development in line with the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy II (EDPRS II).
They have coined a new term to describe the ecosystem: a hydrothermal seep.
The alfalfa will use the nitrogen in the water as fertilizer, so it doesn't seep into well water.