SEERADScottish Executive's Environment and Rural Affairs Department
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SEERAD (2007) 'ECOSSE--Estimating Carbon in Organic Soils Sequestration and Emissions.
The leaked report by a SEERAD official warns "spillage during a planting operation is almost inevitable" and "warning signs should be used in treated areas.
MLC's Signet Breeding Services manager Sam Boon said: "These new breeding tools have been developed from extensive research conducted by MLC, SAC, Defra and SEERAD that identifies cow size, age at first calving, reproductive success and replacement rate as the major maternal factors contributing to UK beef profitability.
SEERAD and key beef sector stakeholders including NFUS, QMS and the Institute of Auctioneers will be advised of the change in NBA representation and asked to direct future correspondence to Kim Haywood at 23, Fair-a-Far Cottages, Whitehouse Road, Edinburgh EH4 6PQ.
It is calling on Defra, SEERAD and the Welsh Assembly to address this issue by releasing the money needed.
The Oatlink project, including partners from the turkey industry, the oat industry and HGCA, and sponsored by Defra and SEERAD under the Sustainable Arable LINK programme, aims to develop advanced breeding techniques to improve the selection of high performance oat varieties and match them to specific markets for human and animal consumption.
Speaking at the ceremony, Dr Reynolds said the NSP was an excellent example of the farming community, sheep industry and vets working in partnership with Defra, SEERAD and the Welsh Assembly to improve the health of the GB flock.
Speakers: Jim Wildgoose, head of agricultural policy division, SEERAD.
Funding is discretionary with applicants ranked by SEERAD, and priority will be given to those who demonstrate the greatest need for investment.