SEGISSolar Energy Grid Integration Systems
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The objective of the SEGIS program, managed by Sandia National Laboratories, is to develop high performance products that will allow photovoltaics to become a more integral part of household and commercial Smart-Energy systems.
The SEGIS program aims to maximise the value of distributed solar electric generation, offer greater control of electricity consumption and its cost and to anticipate the emergence of future smart grids," says John Pfeifer, President and CEO of Apollo Solar.
At this conference, attendees will learn about and see demonstrations of the state-of-the-art GridWave solutions developed through the SEGIS initiative, which was launched by the DOE and Sandia to develop advancements that maintain or improve power quality and reliability while increasing PV solar technologies contributions and economic value to the U.
The SEGIS contract has enabled us to go from the lab to the field with new and advanced innovations that will revolutionize the electric supply industry.
Department of Energy will discuss the progress the SEGIS program has made toward its mission to 1) integrate high penetrations of distributed photovoltaic power onto the grid, and 2) place utility-scale solar in a better position to satisfy even the most aggressive Renewable Portfolio Standards.
We are honored to be a part of the SEGIS program which, highlights the fact that AE is on track with delivering solutions aligned with the DOE's fundamental objective of enabling high-penetration PV," said Gregg Patterson, president of AE Solar Energy.
Through our partnership with the DOE, Petra Solar has embraced the DOE's SEGIS vision to enhance grid stability with the next generation of Smart Energy Modules," said Joe DeLuca, Vice President of Development and Product Management.
Our SEGIS developments have been extremely well received by our utility partners and customers," said Dr.
The SEGIS program will create several manufacturing and engineering "green" jobs in New Jersey.