SEGOBSecretaría de Gobernación (México)
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Alfonso Navarrete Prida, who had led the labor ministry (Secretaria de Trabajo y Prevision Social, STPS), was the president's choice to serve out the last 11 months of his administration as head of SEGOB.
En la mayoria de los estados, la SEGOB ha perdido la facultad de coordinar al gabinete.
It could also mean you have a ministry like SEGOB that's so powerful that it's not very accountable or transparent," he said.
After the SEGOB announced in 2009 its plans to update the National Population Register in Mexico and create a new national identity card with biographical and biometric information, 51 companies entered the bidding process.
At the federal level, Roberto Campa Cifrian, deputy secretary for human rights at SEGOB, questioned the motive for Rios Vasquez's murder, suggesting that he was probably not killed because of his journalistic work.
There has been little comment from SEGOB or the Secretaria de Defensa Nacional (SEDENA) about the Proceso report.
Still, the post has not been exactly a springboard to the presidency, as none of the men who have headed SEGOB in the last seven presidential administrations has been elected as chief executive.
But some critics said the downside of the proposal to eliminate the SSP would be to greatly expand the power of SEGOB.
In both cases, the death of the person in charge of SEGOB will have little impact on the administration's anti-drug strategy.
One must recognize the significant participation of civil-society organizations, which offered their extensive experience to enrich the law," said SEGOB.
Previo a la entrega de recursos que encabezo junto con el mandatario estatal para el fortalecimiento de proyectos ambientales y productivos, recursos como 9 camiones recolectores de residuos para igual numero de municipios; $50 millones del Programa de Empleo Temporal; $15 millones para la rehabilitacion del Parque Zoologico "Benito Juarez" de Morelia y mas de $3 millones para la puesta en marcha de 115 proyectos productivos, subsidiados mediante el Programa de Prevencion Social de la Violencia y la Delincuencia, el titular de SEGOB manifesto, por otra parte, que una vez a la semana se coordina con las autoridades estatales respecto al seguimiento de las 250 acciones federales a emprender en la entidad.
By the end of the year, there was a drop in murders, although we wouldn't call it a trend," said the SEGOB spokesperson.