segsSegmented Neutrophils (polymorphonuclear leukocytes)
SEGSSolar Electric Generating System
SEGSSovereign Entities Grading Service, Inc. (third party coin grading)
SEGSScience & Engineering Graduate Student Scheme (UK)
SEGSSonar/Environmental Group Simulator
SEGSSecure Environmental Graphics System
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We have a community charter as well as SEGs so that gives people more avenues to hear from us," Leever noted, adding the credit union was able to help people who were interested in a HARP II refinance more effectively than banks.
By creating a disproportionate denial of access to federal credit union services for the 62 percent of workers who hold jobs at firms with less than 500 employees, the current prohibition on SEGs reverses the intent of the Federal Credit Union Act.
Since 2012, the credit union has grown to nine SEGs, Goldenbroit said, and added more products and services, such as checking accounts and the ability to use the ACH system.
These 174 samples were representative of 38 different SEGs for musicians ranging from general characterization such as "band" to more specific characterization of a specific musical genera of "rock," "marching," and "concert" bands.
Newcomer SEGS is challenging the market share of PCGS and NGC by offering its upgraded slab for a lower price and quicker turnaround time, although the recent Professional Numismatists Guild industry survey indicates that dealers consider SEGS standards to be poor.
I have not been able to find a reference for classifying segs and bands that is not based on the CAP criteria.
An early approach to semantic subgroup discovery, named SEGS, is outlined below, followed by an outline of the SegMine methodology, which upgrades SEGS with a link discovery step.
Webb was directly responsible for the development and construction of the Luz SEGS Units III through IX for a total of 310 MW which today is still the world's largest combined solar electric generating installation.
The largest CSP power plant in the world is the SEGS installation in the Mojave Desert in California, which generates 354 megawatts.
Here's the easy answer: Southern California Edison is operating nine solar electric generating stations (SEGS I-IX) with the following generating capacities: SEGS I, 13.
According to the Third Soldier (noticeably, only one of the soldiers is actually named), "a soldier doesn't need a reputation, all he needs is a good sword, keen sight and segs on his feet.