SEIUService Employees International Union
SEIUSpecial Education Intake Unit
SEIUSecondary Education Interdisciplinary Unit
SEIUSoftware Engineering Institute Union
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Stronger Together: The Story of SEIU is evidently an effort to communicate the SEIU story and message to these new members; however, SEIU workers would be well-advised to look elsewhere to learn about their union.
The county and the SEIU reached the tentative agreement last month, hailing it as key to helping the county retain and hire more nurses and help lift workers who now qualify for food stamps out of poverty.
But in the house of labor, SEIU is not the only union representing public employees.
Through a network of Web sites called "Locals Online," SEIU was able to quickly coordinate a response to September 11 and bring assistance to the thousands of working families affected by the tragedy.
The SEIU spends 47 percent of its annual budget on organizing, and its locals devote approximately 20 percent of their funds to the same task--a total of more than $60 million, $33 million of it from the locals.
In a letter Real Estate Weekly obtained from SEIU, the company acknowledged the possibility that some customers would be terminating contracts with Golden Mark "over the next 60 days.
Andy Stern, president of the SEIU, which has organized large numbers of immigrant health care workers and janitors throughout the country, calls new immigrants "the leaders of the labor movement.
The tentative contract follows months of protests by SEIU members who said it has become so expensive to live in Southern California that many county workers now qualify for food stamps.
And because most of these homecare workers were paid by the county, and their wages and conditions were determined through legislation, SEIU also recognized that homecare workers were public workers as well.
In a separate transaction, Grubb & Ellis also represented the SEIU in the sale of a second small building nearby at 797 Eighth Avenue.
The proposal - with wages still to be negotiated - also includes $750,000 for additional training for security officers to be paid by Maguire and the SEIU over the next three years.
Other SEIU locals include the New York Public Employees Federation, which represents 52,000 state workers; District 1115, representing 14,000 nursing home workers; and Local 74, representing 8,000 public school workers.