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SELFSolar Electric Light Fund
SELFScience Education and Learning in Freedom (EU)
SELFSelf-Employment Loan Fund
SELFSingular Enformed Living Field
SELFSupplementary Expeditionary Landing Field/Facility
SELFSupport for Early Learning Foundations
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Thy Self laugheth at thine ego, and its proud prancings.
The creating Self created for itself esteeming and despising, it created for itself joy and woe.
One may picture Subconscious Self as a withered, cynical, malicious person standing before Mr Pickering and regarding him with an evil smile.
Subconscious Self seized the opportunity to become offensive again.
Wisdom for a man's self is, in many branches thereof, a depraved thing.
In reality he was wide-eyed awake and merely under the nightroaming compulsion of his early self.
There was one exception to the lack of memory of the life of his early self, and that was language.
It is I, the modern, who look back across the centuries and weigh and analyze the emotions and motives of Big-Tooth, my other self.
As I, my real self, grew older, I entered more and more into the substance of my dreams.
Best Image of my self and dearer half, The trouble of thy thoughts this night in sleep Affects me equally; nor can I like This uncouth dream, of evil sprung I fear; Yet evil whence?
These are thy glorious works, Parent of good, Almightie, thine this universal Frame, Thus wondrous fair; thy self how wondrous then
I had shunned my father more than any one since our return home, for the radical antipathy between our natures made my insight into his inner self a constant affliction to me.