SELVSafety Extra Low Voltage
SELVSeparated Extra Low Voltage
SELVSmall Expendable Launch Vehicle (NASA program)
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Dornbracht, a manufacturer of high-quality designer fittings and accessories for the bathroom and kitchen, presents its modern, new product range SELV to the Middle East.
With SELV, we sought to develop a fitting that didn't dictate the aesthetics of the space around it," he explained.
Stemming from the word 'self', SELV places the emphasis on individual design ideas specific to the user, architect or interior designer, rather than the fitting itself.
The idea behind SELV is based on individuality and autobiographical style; two central themes of our time," explains Michael Sieger, Sieger Design.
Designing on single platform families of standard SELV output voltages 3.
Power-over-Ethernet computers utilize low-voltage/low-current over a standard network cable, making them compliant with UL classification SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) and therefore the ideal Classroom Friendly Computers.
7V to 60V operation, handles automotive load dump and SELV circuits.