SEM-EDSScanning Electron Microscopy-Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
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The SEM-EDS can be applied for elemental analysis of chitin (24).
Caption: Figure 5: SEM-EDS images of the bentonite particles (A-S and B-S) hydrated with NaCl.
La complementariedad en el uso de las tecnicas de DRX, Raman y SEM-EDS ha demostrado ser util para el analisis de piezas ceramicas arqueologicas.
The 3 chloro-1,2 propanediol (diol) and 3 chloro-1propanol (mono-ol) were chosen as substitutes for glycerin because they could be traced using SEM-EDS.
Our main research goals were as follows: 1) to distinguish pottery of different clay body/matrix compositions among the analysed samples from Gubbacka, Mankby and Tallinn by performing SEM-EDS analysis, indicating ceramics originating from different sources; 2) to examine whether the analytical data provide any indication of redware manufacture in the regional context of the southern coast of Finland; 3) to examine material links between the Finnish assemblages and the Tallinn samples, i.
4: (a) SEM-EDS micrograph of Zr 1 coated sample, (b) SEM-EDS micrograph of Zr 2 coated sample, (c) SEM-EDS micrograph of Zr 3 coated sample, (d) SEM-EDS analysis of sol-gel coated Gl Zr 0 sample (a) Spectrum C O Si Zr Fe Zn Total 1 (down) 11.
Implementing a SEM-EDS particle-characterization program is a key step towards optimizing the design and therapeutic effect of new pharmaceutical products, and controlling undesirable contamination.
Segun los analisis de SEM-EDS, la cantidad de cromo disminuye hacia la capa externa y nuevamente se observa el incremento de la cantidad de cromo en la interfase metal-capa.
This type of bi-layer structure would be extremely difficult to discern using SEM-EDS analysis methods.
Consistent with the ADF imaging, the EDS elemental mapping reveals that on the submicron scale, the composition of biotite adjacent to the oxidized fracture is not uniform, as was suggested by observations made at the micron scale using EMP (McMurry and Ejeckam 2002) and SEM-EDS (Cave and Al 2005) analyses.