SEMATShip's Engineering Maintenance Assistance Team
SEMATSystems and Equipment Material Assessment Team (US Navy)
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The SEMAT vision is the refounding of software engineering as a rigorous discipline based on a general theory of software engineering, a unifying process framework and industrial strength.
In providing the long-awaited bridge between managers and software engineers, the overarching framework of the SEMAT Essence Kernel encompasses a useful and strategic way of thinking.
Drawn from the book, "Software Engineering in the Systems Context" (edited by Ivar Jacobson and Harold "Bud" Lawson, College Publications, Kings College, London), the SEMAT Essence Kernel Alphas and their relationships are shown in Figure 1.
The SEMAT formulation and its Essence Kernel framework, together, constitute a giant step toward coping with the complexity of software engineering projects that truly represents the refounding of software engineering.
Government can now turn to the SEMAT Essence as the foundation for an initiative to broaden the skill sets of its senior managers.
SEMAT has produced 60 films and won 40 international awards at the International Film Festival in Mumbai, Dubai Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival and the Egyptian National Film Festival among others.
for lot 1, the contractor agrees to provide maintenance necessary for proper maintenance and repair Suction sweepers SEMAT brand: - or in its workshops ; it will then be located in a radius less than or equal to 150 km from Draguignan and La Garde.
The consultation concerns the supply, with delivery of captive spare parts, accessories, necessary for the maintenance of the various SEMAT brand cleaning equipment for the City of Toulon.
The public body includes the reversal of a refuse collector types SEMAT 14 m3 carrier iveco cursor 270 2001 (2x4 box off) 300 000 kilometers.