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Lexical representations of Aktionsart classes (Van Valin 2005, 45) Aktionsart class Logical structure (a) State pred' (x) or (x, y) (b) Activity do' (x, [pred' (x) or (x, y)]) (c) Achievement INGR pred' (x) or (x, y) INGR do' (x, [pred' (x) or (x, y)]) (d) Semelfactive SEML pred' (x) or (x, y) SEML do' (x, [pred' (x) or (x, y)]) (e) Accomplishment BECOME pred' (x) or (x, y) BECOME do' (x, [pred' (x) or (x, y)]) (f) Active Accomplishment do' (x, [[pred.
Block C-10, along with the recently completed entry to Block C-3, provides SEML entry to a multi-play exploration setting on an emerging shelf margin; the latter recently highlighted by the SNE-1 well (P50 of 330mmbbls) discovered by Cairn Energy to the south in Senegal.
Table 1: Semantic units underlying the syntactic units of the layered structure of the clause Semantic Element(s) Syntactic Unit Predicate Nucleus Argument in semantic representation of Core argument predicate Non-arguments Periphery Predicate + Arguments Core Predicate + Arguments + Non-arguments Clause (= Core + Periphery) Table 2: Lexical representations for Aktionsart classes Verb Class Logical Structure STATE predicate' (x) or (x, y) ACTIVITY do' (x, [predicate' (x) or (x, y)]) ACHIEVEMENT INGR predicate' (x) or (x, y), or INGR do' (x, [predicate' (x) or (x, y)]) SEMELFACTIVE SEML predicate' (x) or (x, y), or SEML do' (x, [predicate' (x) or (x, y)]) ACCOMPLISHMENT BECOME predicate' (x) or (x, y), or BECOME do' (x, [predicate' (x) or (x, y)]) ACTIVE do' (x, [[predicate.
Finally, the elements in capitals, such as INGR, SEML, BECOME, or CAUSE, will modify the predicate (Van Valin 2005: 42-49).
VERBAL CLASS CONCEPTUAL LOGICAL STRUCTURE State <C> (x) or (x,y) Activity do (x, [<C> (x) or (x,y)] Achievement INGR <C> (x) or (x,y), or INGR do (x, [<C> (x) o (x,y)] Semelfactive SEML <C> (x) or (x,y) SEML do (x, [<C> (x) or (x,y)] Accomplishment BECOME <C> (x) or (x,y), or BECOME do (x, [<C> (x) o (x,y)] Active do (x, [<C> (x, (y))] & BECOME <C> (z,x) or (y) accomplishment Causative [alpha] CAUSE [beta], where [alpha] and [beta] are conceptual logical structures of any type.
Verb Class Logical Structure State predicate' (x) or (x,y) Activity do' (x, [predicate' (x) or (x,y)] Achievement INGR predicate' (x) or (x,y), or INGR do' (x, [predicate' (x) or (x,y)] Semelfactive SEML predicate' (x) or (x,y), or SEML do' (x, [predicate' (x) or (x,y)] Accomplishment BECoME predicate' (x) or (x,y), or BECOME do' (x, [predicate' (x) or (x,y)] do' (x, [[predicate.
2015-899 of 23 July 2015 public procurement), which is SYNELVA SEML Communities Coordinator
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