SEMUTSEnter for Miljø- og UtviklingsTudier (Centre for Environment and Development Studies; Norway)
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The direct contribution of AGAS and SEMUT to OBOE 6 was provision to the 1st Australian Corps and 9th Australian Division of fairly reliable and continuous intelligence concerning enemy movements, concentration, and disposition.
47) As of June 1945, SEMUT 1 had armed units operating in the Lawas, Trusan and Limbang Rivers and the surrounding vicinity approximating the entire portion of northeastern Sarawak.
52} Practically all the native settlements in the Trusan valley and its hinterland were under the control of SEMUT 1.
53} SEMUT 1 parties in the field had been encouraging the native population to deny food and labour to the enemy.
54} From its headquarters at Long Akah, SEMUT 2 fielded parties on the Baram and Tutoh Rivers, established a sub-headquarters at Long Lama on the Baram River and a detachment in the Tutoh basin.
55} A native intelligence network established by SEMUT 2 provided information of Japanese dispositions and troop movements in the Labuan, Miri, Lutong, Kuala Belait, and Upper Rejang areas.
56} By June, SEMUT 3 had reached Belaga in the Upper Rejang and was working westwards towards Kapit, with the intention of identifying suitable points for Catalina landings.
Another result of Tom's policy of scattering his operatives thinly over a wide terrain was that it gave Tom, to whom the SEMUT 1 men reported by radio and runner, an extraordinarily complete up-to-date picture of the military and economic situation and the climate of local opinion throughout northern Borneo, from Brunei Bay to Tarakan Island.
50) A fitting tribute to SEMUT is that by Powell, who commented:
61} Requests for intelligence from AGAS and SEMUT under STALLION Phase I had been adequately fulfilled.
63} It can not be denied that the intelligence gathered by SRD field parties--AGAS and SEMUT, as well as STALLION--were procured from mostly native and, to a lesser extent, Chinese, sources.