SENATIServicio Nacional de Adiestramiento En Trabajo Industrial (Spanish: National Service for Industrial Labor Training; Peru)
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We are excited to be working with SENATI and over the next 12 months we will be providing technical training in a range of specialty areas such as electrical, instrumentation, air-conditioning and refrigeration and automation.
We are eager to contribute to this partnership; to further develop international certification processes, and expand the scope, capability and capacity of SENATI s instructors, training programs, processes, infrastructure and equipment.
Ms D Ath said that under the auspices of the MOU, the two organisations will also explore the creation of a School of Professional Trainers and TAFE Queensland will assist SENATI in the development of a number of industry courses.
Se conto con la participacion de estudiantes del SENATI y de la misma facultad.
In Peru, SENATI was the first sectoral VTA, established in 1961.
SENATI has trained its teaching staff to be promoters who market on-the-job training.
SENA, SENATI, INACAP and INA were the first to work in this area.
In addition to the regular courses, for example, SENATI is carrying out distance training for small industrial enterprises through a set of 24 self-training booklets, with support by programme specialists.
Before then, various institutions such as SENA and SENATI had been making use of extra time and space from training activities to respond to firms requesting such services.